Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear My Love

she is adorable,she is a lil bit clumsy,she is a sensitive person,she is a bookworm,she is a very good person,she is a girl that like flowers too much,she can be too serious sometime,she likes mcfly,she likes to wake me up everyday,she always right ,well.....although sometimes wrong,she always win when fight with me,she likes to hug(very much) ,she can be cruel sometimes,she can be the most nice girl in the world tht i'v ever known,she likes too blablablabla to me,she is a very soft-hearted,she dont likes crowded too much,she dont likes chili sauce,she hates carbonated drinks,she likes sour food,she only can eat burgers and fries with tomatoes sauce,she dont likes high heels,she likes to take pictures(anytime,anywhere),she can watch THE AVENGERS for a thousand times,she likes to laugh of her own jokes,she likes CATS!!! much! ,she have her own aslan ,she is not really friendly,too choosy,she likes 9 gag-ing! she likes to help people,she is a very patient person,she doesnt play video games,well......not really in to it ,she likes babies,she likes me :p ,she likes clouds,she likes piano and really likes to play it,she likes alice in wonderland movie,she likes howard hughes(ehem ehem),she likes romantic movies......and horor too,she likes to following me(anywhere),she is perfect,she is a shy person,she can be a really hyper-active person,she is deeply in love with me,she wanna marry me someday,she likes cakes! ,she likes singing in her room,she likes to baking,she can cooks! ,she knows how to drive a car ,she hates surprise,she likes to beat me,oh oh and bites me! ooooops aha ,she doesnt have many friends, she loves to travel,she is not a gigger ,she likes to pinch me,hates accounts subject,she cant stop from missing me,she knows everything :p ,she knows me very well,she likes paramore's song(hate to see your heartbreak) ,she cant take a very good care of herself,she is matured enough(maybe),she wants freedom! ,she likes to laugh,which is i likes it very much,she likes cartoons,she likes sherlock holmes movies! ,she is not very good when lying,she cant keep secrets coz i know her very well,she likes to be a really woman that really self-reliant,she hates DOTA,she likes to tweetssssssss,ohhhhh she likes to check in(foursquare) everywhere she goes! ,she likes to teasing around,she can be a really annoying person,shes cute! ,she likes to hm , k ,haaa ,baby! , she is my bestfriend ever,my girlfriend,my love,my bambam,my stalker everyday,my future wife,my puncher(im the punching bag) ,my everything,my shining starsssss,my counsellor,ILOVEYOU,im not a sweet talker k? nurfateha binti shamudin ahmad.forever and always be dude :p