Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm not angry anymore

It feels like a hundred tons of whale in my mind, on my shoulder.why does it have to be me to pick this hundred shit problems.its hard to think n to decide the best way n the safest way fr u bam.u know y?bcoz u r growing up.n u think u r big enough.u need to listen to me. Coz there's only me .i don't care.i don't care,means that I care.ofcourse I care bam,maybe I'm too over protecting aha,well ,maybe this post will not be read by u,but hopefully that u can think wisely and be an independent woman someday.soon.maybe without me.I'll not show u how much I care bout u from now on.u r like caterpillar and u have change being the most freedom butterfly . take a good care of urself . Please do.